Klasterisasi Kecerdasan Majemuk Siswa Berbasis Jaringan Syaraf Kohonen Guna Mendukung Adaptive Elearning

  • Stefanus Santosa
  • Wiji Lestari Panjidang
  • Yonathan Purbo Santosa
Keywords: adaptive elearning, multiple intelligences, Kohonen


Learning strategies are often applied without considering the unique and different characteristics of the learner's intelligence. This causes students to have difficulty understanding the material, not focused, bored, decreased motivation, frustration, and various other learning difficulties. The efforts to create student-oriented learning strategies can be done with adaptive elearning. Adaptive elearning system requires recognition function to cluster the intelligence of the learner when learning takes place. This study shows that Kohonen's Artificial Neural Network can be used for mapping students based on multiple intelligences. The results showed that there were 8 clusters with different intelligence compositions. There is no cluster that has a single intelligence. Intrapersonal intelligence is almost owned by 90% of students, while the lowest is visual-spatial intelligence, which is only 23.33%. In order to create a learner-oriented learning process, this clustering method should be embedded in an adaptive elearning system.